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– More than team, we are a family and Ideal Travel Creations is our passion

Founder/ Director: Bikee and Trishna

Bikee and Trishna - Local Bhutanese Tour Operator

Ideal Travel Creations is a family business managed and owned by Husband and wife, Bikee and Trishna.

Mr. Bikee has been in the Bhutan Tourism industry since the year 2006. After his studies, he started his career in the Bhutan Tourism industry and has worked with many Travel Companies in Bhutan. He has traveled extensively in Bhutan and knows each and every corner of Bhutan. He can plan holidays with perfection. His work has impressed many travelers and agents abroad. Question him and he has an answer; ask him and it is arranged. Besides management and finaance, he specializes in organizing and creating creative and unique tours, treks, and holidays in Bhutan and is the key person behind Ideal Travel creations. He is known for his creativity and is also passionate about different kinds of music.

Ms. Trishna Rasaily comes from Educational Background. She worked in various schools in Bhutan and India before the establishment of Ideal travel Creations. Working in different places has given her a good knowledge of the places and also got ample opportunity to travel around these two countries. She was the head of department when is school and is a very good administrator and has very good Public relations.

Apart from managing the day to day activities of the organization she specializes in the following:

* Student Educational Tour: Being in schools for a period of around 9 years, she understands the need of the students of the 21st Century and a perfect Student Educational Tour in Bhutan. She also has good rapport with the schools and educational organization in Bhutan and has herself led many student tours around Bhutan.

* Women Travel: Ms. Trishna Rasaily is a sister, a wife, a teacher, a manager, a mother, a daughter and many more. She has played most of the roles of a woman in Bhutan. Being a woman herself, she knows the inclusions in a women travel and creates such tours that would come in line with the requirements of a woman. Ms. Trishna Rasaily accompanies some of the Women Tours organized by Ideal Travel Creations.

Administrations and Finance: Karma Tenzin

Karma Tenzin - Adm and Finance Manager

Mr. Karma is a B.Com Graduate and previously worked in different positions in the Bhutan tourism industry. Karma Tenzin joined us in October 2013.

He joined us in the year 2013 as a reservation manager and because of his abilities he is the Administration and Finance Manager today. He has proved a big asset to the company.

He looks after the organisation’s finance, administration and any other office requirements. Karma ensures that every liabilities and assets of the company are well updated and vendors paid on time. He also ensure the smooth functioning of Ideal Travel Creations.

Karma is also a rider and goes with our Motor cycling groups whenever he has time.

 Travel Operations/ Guide: Vivek Uraon (Speciality: Bird watching)

Vivek - Bhutan Tour Operations Manager

Vivek is the youngest in our team. He started his career as a guide with us in the year 2014 right after completing his studies. He proved to be so efficient that he is now promoted as the Operations Manager. He gives life to the travel plans and programs. He allocates vehicles and guides, processes the visa and permits. He keeps track of each individual traveler and group on daily basis and ensures every traveler have a perfect holiday in Bhutan without any hindrances.

Being one of our best guides, Vivek also leads group whenever he can manage. He has impressed all our guests by his outstanding service, good attitude and comprehensive knowledge.

He is friendly and always ready to render extra services for greater success of every tour he leads. He spent most of his time as a student and a child in Paro.

Reservations : Jyoti Rasaily

Jyoti - Correspondence

Jyoti Rasaily recently joined us in October 2016. She looks after all the correspondences and also assists Trishna.

She has worked in various firms including travel firms and is finally with us where her skills are best used. She is Trishna’s second sister.



Seelak Kujur – Visa and Permits

Seelak Kujur - Bhutan Visa and Permits Officer

Seelak joined us in April 2017 after graduation higher secondary school as an intern. However because of his dedications and enthusiasm we kept him as a permanent member after his internship. He is a promising personnel and today he takes care of all the Visa and permits.



 Tshering Dorji – Guide (Speciality: Buddhism)

Tshering Dorji- Bhutan tour guideTshering Dorji is a certified English speaking Cultural guide. Tshering was trained as a  Guide by the Tourism Council of Bhutan in the year 2012.

Previously, Tshering was working for government, however his love for travel made him resign and train himself as a guide. After graduating as a guide he has been working with us since the inception of Ideal Travel Creations in the year 2012 and now leads our groups from different parts of the world.

Tshering Dorji is a soft and simple person and has astounding knowledge of Buddhism and Bhutanese Culture. He is friendly and very helpful in nature.

Tshering Dorji – Guide (Speciality: Bhutanese Iconography and Chinese Language )

Tshering Dorji - Bhutan Cultural Guide

We have two Tshering Dorjis, whereby we call him Tshering Dorji “B”. The is a cultural guide trained and certified by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. He is in Bhutan Tourism Industry since 2013 and specializes in Bhutanese iconography.

He is currently studying Chinese language and soon he shall be a full fledged chinese language guide.

He is humble and hardworking, sincere and dedicated and ensures that every Bhutan tour he leads is a big success.

Zangmo – Guide (Speciality: Women and Senior Travel)

Zangmo - Bhutan Tour Guide

Zangmo mostly leads exclusive women travel groups and senior citizens. She is a very caring, helpful and sweet girl. Above all she is a very good human being whereby we have focused on sending her with senior citizens and exclusive women travel groups and individuals.

She is every body’s little sister in the Ideal Travel Creations family. She is from Eastern Bhutan and one of the most dedicated guides we have ever seen.

We have also trained her in reservations and assists Sabitra incase she needs extra hand whenever she is not on tour.

 Guide: Phatta Singh Ghalley (Speciality: Trekking & Photography)

Phatta Singh Ghalley - Trekking and Photography Guide

Phatta Singh Ghalley is passionate about photography and designing. He joined Bhutan Tourism Industry as guide in the year 2012 and has been working with us since 2014. he is a person of creative mind and passionate hobbies. He loves designing, photography and the nature whereby he treks. He also leads cultural tour groups and is a dedicated and hardworking person.


 Guide: Arjun Subba (Speciality: Motor Cycling and Trekking)

Arjun - Motor Cycling and TrekkingArjun is the “adventure man”. He has been riding his father’s bike since his teenage and rides well today.

He is also a trekking guide and has done almost all the treks in Bhutan including the Snowman Trek. We was working in another travel company before he joined us in 2015. He joined us because he became a big fan of the way we work, our working environment and above all, our idea of being a family rather than a team.

 Karma Tenzin –  Driver

Karma Tenzin - Bhutan Tourism Driver

Karma Tenzin joined us in September 2017. Before joining us he had been driving in another tourism company. He has very good skills in driving.

His very good skills in driving and good knowledge of vehicles makes him the driver in our company. Having been around with many tourist groups, he also has very good knowledge of the Tourism in Bhutan.


Harka Biswa – Driver

Harka Biswa - Driver in Bhutan Tourism Industry

Harka Biswa started his career somewhere in the 1990’s in the Bhutan Transport Industry. He drove transport bus for more than 15 years. Then he bought a taxi an was working with the same until we bought a coaster. He still drives his taxi whenever he is not on tour and he is the most senior and experienced person in the Ideal Travel Creations family.

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